About Unisen

Unisen Senior Living in Tampa, Florida is a not-for-profit lifecare retirement community dedicated to providing its active residents with exceptional value, enriching lifestyle choices and the confidence that they have the best plans in place for their health and financial futures.

The Unisen Story

Formerly known as University Village, plans for a $25 million renovation project began as soon as Unisen’s life care retirement community was acquired by not-for-profit entity, Tampa Life Plan Village, in July 2020. The community’s “extreme makeover” includes its 445 apartments and 46 villas, as well as indoor and outdoor spaces and amenities.

As the community’s operating organization, Tampa Life Plan Village partnered with leading senior housing developer, Big Rock Senior Housing Management, to make the acquisition of Unisen possible. Executive Director, Diane Beri, leads our continuing care retirement community’s on-site, day-to-day operations.

More than anything, we are dedicated to fostering strong, resident-directed lifestyle programs, as well as resources and services that offer residents the best in modern, wellness-focused retirement living.

Tampa Life Plan Village is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization specializing in healthcare, housing and support services for Tampa Florida’s seniors.

As such, Tampa Life Plan Village oversees operations at Unisen and is the driving force behind the $25-million-dollar renovation taking place at this lifecare retirement community serving seniors living in West Florida.

The Tampa Life Plan Village non-profit operator is led by an active board including the following members:

Ron Shuck

Ron Shuck


Kristin Ward

Kristin Ward

Michele Wausserlauf

Michele Wausserlauf

The Unisen Team

Unisen Senior Living is led by a team of passionate professionals dedidcated to providing the best retirement living experience for residents. Click on the photographs below to learn more about the people who oversee Unisen’s day-to-day operations and the expertise they contribute to our community’s mission.

Diane Beri


Pam Peters


Jeanie Tini

Jeanie Tini


Jane Elizabeth


Traci Martin

Cindi Thomas


Chantel Johnson


Michelle Cronin


Donie Tran Headshot

Donie Tran


Resident Testimonials

Our residents are the driving force behind a one-of-a-kind lifestyle with unity and enrichment at the foundation. Here’s what they have to say about Unisen and all the possibilities community life offers for them to enjoy the best of modern retirement.

Ron Day
Unisen Senior Living Resident

Mickey Castor
Unisen Senior Living Resident

Alex Mathew
Unisen Senior Living Resident

“Life becomes more isolated as you age. When I moved into Unisen, my life came back together with a sense of belonging and community.”

Dr. Bob Simon
Unisen Senior Living Resident

“I really enjoy the family-type atmosphere in this community; we truly are like one big family. The location is so convenient to places in the Tampa area as well!”

Eleanor Nesbit
Unisen Senior Living Resident

“During the COVID crisis, I have felt very safe here, and I can walk around while social distancing and not feel isolated. Ever since I moved here in 2010, the residents have always been very friendly, welcoming new residents with open arms, and all part of the same group.”

Shari Cohen
Unisen Senior Living Resident

“The customer service is great and all the Team members are happy people. They engage with residents.”

Josephine King
Unisen Senior Living Resident

“Choices, choices: an apartment or a villa? … we love our villa neighborhood — the best of both worlds and full of friends!”

Ron & Ardell Day
Unisen Senior Living Resident

“What do I love about Unisen? Everything. This is our home.”

Tom South
Unisen Senior Living Resident

“I’m a second generation resident, and our resident-engaged campus promises a great future!”

Steve Miller
Unisen Senior Living Resident