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Exploring senior living arrangements for yourself or an aging loved one can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you need help with daily living routines or want to maintain your independence, there is a senior living community that is right for...

As people age, they may find themselves feeling lonely or isolated, especially if they live alone or have lost their spouse or close friends. However, seniors who live near higher education institutions can benefit from a variety of opportunities...

You’re invited to lunch with a community of great people. While you’re here, discover all the reasons to stay!

Senior living options, along with all the details can be an arduous topic for anyone to think about. In order to understand the options, one must first become fluent in the lingo. Which is why our team at Unisen Senior Living is here to explain some...

USF women’s hoops competes in cornhole tournament with the residents at Unisen Senior Living. What they were not prepared for, however, was a group of local seniors who’ve made it their sole mission to dominate at the sport of cornhole.

Learn why now is the time to make your move to one of Unisen’s modern villas or apartment homes!