The Unisen team is dedicated to providing you with all the resources and information you’re looking for as you search for the continuing care retirement community that offers everything you’re looking for out of your active retirement lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for specific information about Unisen or more general information about independent living in Tampa, you can use the resources on this page to get the answers that will help you make the most informed decisions during your search.


What is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)?

A continuing care retirement community is a senior living option that offers a full continuum of services to meet residents evolving needs on one campus. Residents who choose to continue their active lifestyles at CCRCs can do so with the confidence that, should they needs higher levels of care, they will have access to them on campus. CCRCs typically offer independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and other services.

When is the right time to move to a community?

The earlier you move to a CCRC, the longer you’ll have to enjoy the benefits. In over 30 years as a senior living provider in Tampa, we’ve observed that residents who move to our community based on a lifestyle decision, rather than a healthcare decision, are better able to enjoy all the opportunities to pursue their interests, create connections with their neighbors and independently explore all the city has to offer.

Is living in a senior living community more expensive than continuing to live in my home?

Many residents find that, by moving to a senior living community, they are saving money on costs compared to if they continued living in their previous homes. That’s because the single monthly fee includes the costs of all the services and resources they enjoy in the community. Life at Unisen offers the convenience of having just one monthly bill that includes all the services you enjoy at more cost-effective rates than if you were paying for them individually.

Are there higher levels of care available at Unisen?

Our community currently offers partnerships with assisted living and higher care level providers that our independent living residents can take advantage of should they need those services in the future. As we continue our $25 million renovation project, we plan to have higher levels of care available on our campus in the near future.


Assisted Living: the care level suited to people who require a moderate or greater level of assistance with one or more activities of daily living. Assisted living seeks to provide residents with personalized care plans while empowering them to maintain their independence where possible.

Entrance Fee: The initial investment communities may require people to pay upon becoming a resident. The entrance fee is a pre-payment of care services residents may need in the future, offers access to the community’s healthcare services and resources and ensures residents’ healthcare costs remain predictable through the duration of residency.

Independent Living: ideal for people who are able to safely live on their own and want to enjoy the freedom of that community life offers while taking advantage of all the lifestyle choices, concierge services and access to higher levels of care should they need them in the future.

Lifecare: a program guaranteeing residents access to all of a community’s care levels at a guaranteed monthly rate. Lifecare is available in Type A, B and C contracts — each offering varying levels of financial flexibility to residents.

Long-Term Care: services designed to meet the needs of people with chronic illness or disability who are unable to address their healthcare needs on their own.

Memory Support: specialized care for community residents living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Memory care offers all of the benefits of assisted living coupled with personalized programs intended to preserve each person’s cognitive health to the best of the caregiving team’s ability.