Covid-19 News & Updates From Unisen

First and foremost, our priority is keeping our residents, staff and visitors safe. As such, we have implemented the most comprehensive health and safety measures to protect our community against the Covid-19 virus. We’re delighted to announce that our strongest push to protect our community, the Covid-19 vaccine clinics, were a success! We had an excellent turnout, with over 200 vaccines being administered to residents and staff. We will continue to offer vaccine clinics in our efforts to keep our community safe.

As we work toward a gradual return to “normal” at Unisen, we’re continuing to follow the health and safety guidines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Facemasks and social distancing (at least six feet apart) required
  • All visitors and staff will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms and will have their temperatures taken upon entering the community
  • We will request that everyone use hand sanitizer upon entering the community
  • We are continuing to emphasize the importance of proper hand-washing and use of preventative measures

Please visit the CDC’s Covid-19 informaiton page for additional information on how to reduce the chances of catching and spreading the virus.